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Economic Losses from Weeds in Agriculture

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· Economic Losses
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Industrial Chem Labs and Services in Deer Park, NY supplies industrial-strength high-quality products. Devoted to delivering excellent results through its high-quality solutions, Industrial Chem Labs and Services in NY also develops and manufactures effective weed killers.

Weeds are some of the foremost drivers of economic losses in agriculture across the globe. In the United States, weeds cause annual losses amounting to $20 billion. This cost will continue to grow as the need for agricultural products expands.

Weeds can be significantly more harmful than any other farm pest. Most weeds reduce agricultural yields by competing with valuable plants for resources like soil, nutrients, light, and water. In addition, some weed species release noxious substances or exudates, which harm other plant species. Failure to control a weed infestation can lead to a 53 percent crop loss for maize and 40 percent for soybean.

Commercial weed killers can vastly improve crop yields and reduce the impact these pests have on agriculture. Modern non-selective eco-friendly herbicides exist, using organic acids or natural plant oils to eradicate all plants. However, there are no replacements for selective weed killers that are economically viable with current technological methods.